Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Karen!

Happy Birthday, Karen! What can we say about Karen? Well, for starters, she is one smart cookie. She graduated top in her class from Colorado State University with a degree in Spanish. She also is the nicest person ever. When she is disciplining Ethan, instead of yelling or screaming she politely says, "Come on Buddy, you can't sit on your brother's head." She loves being a mother and considers it her art. And an artist she is! She is a good sport to put up with Spencer and his Olson stubbornness. She is beautiful and loves to be girlie. Karen, we love you. Thank you for giving us two awesome grandsons, thank you for being such a good wife to our Spencer, thank you for being a wonderful part of our family. Happy Birthday!


Aubony said...

Happy B-day Karen! Love ya!