Thursday, June 10, 2010


A few weeks ago when we were in Dallas we spent some time with Logan at his school. Posted in the hallway outside his classroom were these self-portraits. We were amused, somewhat, by Logan's picture and wondered if this is a big, gigantic smile or if he secretly wants to smoke cigars.

But as we looked at the others, we decided that his looked pretty good!
Not sure how healthy this girl's self-image is....

Hmmm.... things are getting a bit scarier.

Stella, Stella, Stella, what were you thinking?

And Steven.... well, we won't even comment.


Burk Family said...

That post was too funny! Amazingly, Stella's looked a bit like her. Logan's was really great. Loved the cigar comment.

The Staub Squad said...

i forgot how we laughed and laughed at those pictures. 5 yr olds are hilar. miss you.