Sunday, December 20, 2009

No Pictures But This is Still a Blog Entry....

I keep thinking I need to post something on this blog, but I keep thinking "I don't have any pictures ready to post." Well, this blog entry just aint gonna have a picture. So there, booyah!

Got this idea from a friend's blog today (thanks Hayley, you always inspire me)

Highlights and Lowlights of my Christmas season so far:

High - Pulling out my Willow Tree nativity set
Low - Setting up the tree, taking it down in anger because I couldn't find the decorations, Lee finding them, me saying, "It's too late!" then two days later, buying a new tree at Wal-Mart for $35.00 and setting one up afterall. I'm such a brat.
High - Getting Christmas goodies from friends
Low - Eating them all before Christmas
High - Listening to my new Andrea Bocelli Christmas CD all day long.... I mean ALL day long
Low - Practicing with the ward choir for the program today. Will it come off?
High - Working in the temple yesterday and seeing so many beautiful brides walk into their sealing rooms to be married for time and all eternity
Low - Wondering why I decided to make last minute gifts that I will never get finished
High - Deciding not to bake Christmas goodies, thus adding to the stress of the season
Low - Finding out my brother has stage 4 stomach cancer
High - Realizing the Comforter is real and helping his family be courageous and strong and comforted. What an amazing attitude he has.
High - I love my family.
High - I love my husband.
High - I love Jesus and His gospel.
High - I am richly blessed.


The Staub Squad said...

My high for the season is talking to my mother almost every single day for the last 2 weeks, love you!

Burk Family said...

My high is that a few people appreciate my blog and my creative genius :)