Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Lukas!

I know this is a bare post, but I lost everything on my computer today. Everything. All my pictures, including the ones of the family, our Guatemala trips, my friends, everything. I am thinking of that commercial where the parents are having their 10 year old boy pose as a baby to recreate his baby pictures, and wondering if I could get Lukas to do that so I can post a picture of him on this, his birthday blog. But I am not sure if I could find a high chair big enough for him to sit in. So.... here is my birthday tribute to Lukas. Happy Birthday, dear! I have no pictures to post here, but I am thinking of you just the same, and I love you and hope your day was wonderful.

(Anybody know where I can find an adult size high chair?)


Karen said...

Hope you had a great b-day!

aubony, lars and the girls said...

Happy Birthday Lukie!!!! We love ya to pieces!

Hansen Clan said...


There are people who can retrieve those irreplaceable photos and documents from a crashed hard drive. Find a good trustworthy (good luck with that one) computer repair shop and they can restore most items.

As for Sandra - her secret to looking young! ha ha. It looks like you and Lee are have quite the time of your lives running to Central America! Hope he is recovery from hepatitis.

Also, small FYI - from out of nowhere I received a email from our old friend Karl - I really thought he was dead, I had not heard from him in over 3 years. I'm going to have lunch with him tomorrow to see what is going on.