Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wes Hits the Big 3-0

As I was searching for pictures to put on this celebratory tribute for Wes' birthday, I noticed a common theme. Check these out:

Oh, I see. You noticed it, too. It appears that he is not a happy man. But as I looked deeper into my files I found these:

I guess my hunch was wrong. He appears quite happy afterall.

And so we pay tribute to the man of distinction in our family who holds the title of
"Our Favorite Son-in-Law." It may seem like a hollow title, but we sincerely do mean it, you're our favorite son-in-law, and always will be!

Wes, you will always be able outfish the Olson boys.

We are thankful for the example you are to your sons.

Thank you for providing a good living for your family.

Thanks for giving us two adorable grandsons and for being the spiritual leader in your home and teaching them the Gospel. We honor you for your service in the Church. You have many talents and abilities and we are so thankful that you have made our daughter so happy.

We're so happy to have you in the fam!

Happy Birthday, Wes!
We love you!

(Group hug!)

I was talking to Wes tonight on the phone and told him to check out this blog tribute. He said, "Let me guess, you posted only fat, pig-nose pictures of me, right?" So I just thought I had better post a nice, cute picture of him so you can all see what a handsome son-in-law we have! Yes, he's a keeper!


Casey said...

Hey look at your layout! we're twins!

SNOKAO said...


Heather and Scott said...

Wow those are quite the assortment of pictures. Happy Birthday Wes! What an oldy!

aubony, lars and the girls said...

Come on turning 30 isn't so bad, 40 is the bad one! Happy birthday Wes!

Peggy said...

Gee thanks, Aubony. You must think I am super bad and Dad is super-duper bad.

Burk Family said...

He is getting to be an old fart, isn't he?? We like him, though. Isn't it sad that niether of us get to live close to them?? I'll always cherish our rexburg years. Those were the good ol' days!