Thursday, July 10, 2008

Do You Remember This?

We've been singing a lot of baby lullabies these past few weeks. Spencer was singing "Here comes the Sandman" last night to Caleb. He told Karen that I made up the song. I told him that my mother sang it to me, and her mother sang it to her. Then I found it on the Internet to prove that it's been around for a long time. Some of the words were a bit different, but the song was clearly the same one.
Let's see how well my children remember the lyrics to this old lullaby I sang to you when you were babies. See if you can fill in the blanks (by posting comments).

Here comes the sandman

_________ so lightly

_________ along on the tips of his toes

As he sprinkles the sand with his own little hand

In the eyes of the sleepy children

Go to sleep my children

Close your sleepy eyes

The lady moon is _______

Throughout the ________ skies

The little stars are peeking

To see if you are sleeping

Go to sleep my children,

Go to sleep, Good night!


Kayla said...

I don't want to post it and ruin the fun for your kids, but i know that song by heart, and it is my favorite song to sing to my kids at night!! I have memories of you and my mom singing that to us kids, in grandmas basement, when the back room was just one giant room and lined with beds for all the grandkids!!!! MEMORIES :)

Louise said...

I know!!! I know!!! I sang it to all of my children and to Damen, and now Coen.

Louise said...

By the way...Kayla, what were you doing up at 1:07 A.M,??????

Kayla said...

peg, Louise and I are just going to have a conversation on your page! I was up because I workout late at night so then i'm wired and I can't sleep, and Its the only time I can do my studying. I am studying to become a personal trainer.

Peggy said...

kayla, thats very cool. i am typing with one hand right now cuz i am holding a sleeping baby with the other hand. thus no caps. will you be my pers. trainer?

Heather & Scott said...

Tripping so lightly. The rest of the words are fuzzy but this is what my mom use to sing to us too.

The Staub Squad said...

Tripping, stealing, shining, darkened. Piece of cake!!
I'm just going to add myself into this on going converstation too. Kayla, how is the running going? I'm trying to find another half to do this fall. Maybe next year I'll be brave and do a full.

Chelsea and Evan said...

Evan faithfully sings this song to Emmy every night! He knows the words by heart

LaVon said...

I love that song but Spencer and Karen that is one sweet baby sleeping so peacefully!