Friday, April 25, 2008

We Still Think About Our Kids

"Why did you let Lukas smoke that cigarette?" Those were the first words out of Dad's mouth to me this morning."Because you weren't giving enough attention to Evan and he was desperate for your approval!" was my quick reply. Why can dreams be so ridiculous? Dad was having a dream that Lukas was smoking, while I stood by watching, unaffected. I was having a dream that Dad was oblivious to 5 year old Evan's need for attention, and he was acting up. So we meshed them into our morning conversation as we lay struggling to wake up this morning. So if you kids think Dad and I don't think about you anymore because you are grown and gone, YOU ARE WRONG!!!


The Staub Squad said...

That's pretty endearing! Love you guys too!!

Lars, Aubony, Haylee, Erika, Sophie, and Isabelle said...

Now that I am a parent, I can't imagine not worrying about my kids no matter what their age is!