Sunday, April 27, 2008

I'm a Name Dropper!

So I'm going to be a name dropper, but guess what? My nephew, Adam, has been hanging out with the sister of American Idol finalist David Archuleta! Their families (minus the famous singer and his father) met over the weekend, and have much in common with their mothers being Latin and speaking Spanish, and their kids being very talented musically. The two families had a picnic on Saturday, and plan to support each other's musical events. David's are obvious, but Adam and Cindy are both extremely talented with ballet, singing and bands.


The Staub Squad said...

Wow, that's pretty cool. Maybe you can get in good with them too(because Brent is your brother, and you speak English just like him) and score 2 tickets to the the AI shows in CA, and invite your favorite daughter to go with you. hug

Jared and Kayla said...

Or maybe you could get three tickets and take your favorite niece too!!!

Brent Manwill said...

Funny people. If I could get a ticket, I'd go myself.

David's older sister is the opposite of David, in that she is not the least bit shy.

Oh, and I did get to see David's real MySpace page (not the fake ones that fans put up).

The next time Cindy sings a solo in church, you all can come. No tickets required :-) . David's mom said she would be there for that.

The Archuleta family is very nice. Susana sent the mom a text message this afternoon wishing her son good luck. She immediately replied thanks, and to don't forget to vote for 2 hours.

Chelsea and Evan said...

No way!! That is awesome! We are his number one fans!