Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Rough Start in Chicago!

Poor Evan and Chelsea. They have had quite the rough start in Chicago. First of all, he drove all day and night, and all day again, only stopping for about 2 hours, so he was tired already when they began moving in to the apartment. They had tried calling in advance for some help from the ward, but weren't able to get anybody to come. The closest they could park the truck was 150 feet from the door, so they had quite a walk each time they took a load in. Their apartment is on something like the 20th floor, so the only way up is the elevator. Chelsea helped Evan move stuff in, but their sofa is so large and heavy, and she was struggling. Evan asked some guy on the street if he could help, and he reluctantly tried, but gave up. So it was back to Chelsea. They found the apartment maintenance man, the painter, and he tried to help them access the freight elevator, but the sofa wouldn't fit! The passenger elevator was a bit larger (strange, I know) so they finally shoved it on, and marred their new furniture. Oh well, it is finally in their apartment. Then they got everything else moved in, and had to return the truck. They don't have a car, so they had to walk home from the truck rental place. 7 1/2 miles! They had asked several people about the bus system, but got conflicting information, and decided to walk. They got home at midnight! Good thing she is a marathon runner. Too bad they had to do all this hard work on 2 hours sleep in 2 days. I guess these things strengthen your marriage. I hope they can figure out the public transportation system soon.

So begins their new adventures in Chicago!


***Mom*** said...

WOW! That sounds horrible. Hope things get better.