Monday, August 13, 2007

32 Years Ago Today...

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad! It was 32 years ago today that this all began, when Dad and I said "yes" to each other in the Salt Lake Temple. You were all just sitting up there in heaven shouting for joy, and fighting over who would come down first. Lars, as always, won! Poor Lukas had to wait a few more years. We are so blessed to have each of you in our family. Hopefully, we will be together forever. Here are 30 reasons why I married Lee Merrill Olson:
1. He winked at me and I melted.
2. He was so smart.
3. He was such a hard worker.
4. I loved his handwriting, and this was important because we had a long-distance courtship with no e-mail.
5. When he smiled at me, I had spaghetti legs.
6. He served an honorable mission.
7. He loved to use beautiful words.
9. He was unassuming and unpretentious.
10. He loved kids and wanted a big family.
11. I loved his big, strong hands.
12. I loved his smile.
13. He was a good kisser.
14. He had beautiful straight hair, and I hated my curly hair.
15. I always hoped our children would get his thick, straight hair. (sorry kids!)
16. He was such a good hugger and snuggler.
17. He had aspirations for the future that matched mine.
18. He had such strong leadership skills.
19. Everyone seemed to like him, not just me.
20. He grew up on a farm, and had "down home" values.
21. He made me feel safe.
22. He brought out the best in me.
23. He made me smile.
24. It just felt right.
25. He is organized.
26. He has OCD and needed my help. :-)
27. He could fix anything! Except for the AC.
28. I could see us together forever.
29. He loves me.
30. I love him.
I could go on and on. I love him more after 32 years. I hope that you all will have much happiness and joy in your marriages and that they will last eternally. I LOVE YOU, DAD!


***Mom*** said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Thanks for setting the ultimate example for the children with a stellar marriage. There couldn't have been a better one. I'm sure I speak for all when I say you two are the best!! Luv ya.