Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Evan's favorite childhood pic - The 80's Mullet.

Evan's favorite young adult pic - The Fro.

Evan's favorite girls who changed his life - for the good.
Evan gets a bad rap from his brothers. He was 6 and 4 years younger than them, so they teased him mercilessly. In all the home movies he has a pouty, grumpy face and whiney voice. Whether it was Katie splashing water on him in the tub or Spencer ruining his magic show, someone was always picking on Evan. His only hope came from chugging milk right out of the gallon jug. He was a firm believer in the t.v. commercial, "MILK - It Does a Body Good!" He soon grew up to be bigger than any of the others, and he finally got some respect. He became the "social director" of the neighborhood. All the neighbor boys would come over to see if Evan could play. If he was reading books, they would all sit on the lawn and read books, too. If he wanted to ride bikes, they wanted to ride bikes, too. If he wrote stories or made inventions (remember the sour sauce?) they were right there following suite.
Evan, you have my respect today and always. You are a hard worker and never complain about your lot in life. And life is tough sometimes, right? We are so thankful you have a patient and helpful wife who supports you in your long days of studying and research. And thankful, too, for the beautiful granddaughter who is growing up without us. Sad.
But we love you and hope you have a wonderful birthday today!
Happy Birthday, Evan!


Lars said...

That time when Evan got lost at grandma's house was funny, it was his turn to ride the tandem bike.

Aubony said...

Evan, Happy Birthday! We love you so much and its been fun to seem how much you've changed since I first met you 11 years ago! Keep up the good work!

Heather and Scott said...

I remember when he got lost at grandma's house. Katie and I wouldn't let him have a turn riding. What a mean cousin!

SNOKAO said...

Happy dat do woo woo!

Karen said...

I love the mullet in the first pic, Evan! Happy b-day!

Karen said...
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