Thursday, February 19, 2009

Come on, People!!!

So I got this funny e-mail from my brother the other day. He said, "I am sitting here in church, on Fast Sunday, and this woman in front of me pulls out ham and cheese sandwiches for all her 6 kids and passes them down the pugh. Oh, and potato chips to go along with the sandwiches."

I say, "Unreal!

Then my other brother sends an email. He says, "Well I was in church the other day when this mother starts spreading tuna fish salad on crackers and hands them off to her kids." Tuna fish!!! Now really? Do they even know how much that smells?

And to think that all my poor kids got was Cheerios.


Heather and Scott said...


Burk Family said...

Yikes. My kids get fruit snacks if they are reverent for the sacrament. It's like the hugest deal. I always get the ones I know Carter will go nuts over, like Batman or something.
I liked your cleanse post. I really need to do that. I'm such a sugar addict. But I really do want to do a colon cleanse. Just initiate a nice ol' system flush. :)