Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Evan!

Yep, it's true! Evan is officially 25 years old today! He is probably feeling pretty young still, but he is a quarter of a century old! "Wonder Ponder, Puddin' 'n Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry." That's Dad's contribution to this blog. As for me, I just want to say that we love our tall, dark and handsome 5th, and hope your day is just dandy!
What do YOU love about Evan?? Come on now peeps, let's see some comments... but only nice ones. We don't want to make Wonder Ponder cry on his birthday.


Chelsea and Evan said...
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Chelsea and Evan said...

My top five are:
1. Service oriented
2. Always puts others before him
3. Patient
4. HARD worker
5. Very considerate of others
6. Humble
7. Brilliant
8. Wonderful DAD and husband
9. Bargain shopper
10. Hottt
11. Understanding
12. Just all around wonderful!

(Sorry that was a little more than five)

SNOKAO said...

Great friend! I love hanging with you and talking with you. Hope you had a nice B-day!

The Staub Squad said...

Yo dogg(just working on my Randy Jackson impression), Happy Birthday!! You rock, rock'n'roll, keeping on rockin', btw do you remember when you wanted a rock for your b-day?

Lars, Aubony, Haylee, Erika, Sophie, and Isabelle said...

Happy Birthday EAO! Our girls love having you as an uncle and we love having you as a brother!